Make It Custom: How Custom Promotional Clothes Can Boost Your Company

Did you know that 85% of people worldwide can identify the advertisers on the promotional items they own?

Do you know a promotional item from another company and are contemplating doing the same for your business?

Promotional clothes have been a thing for quite some time, and for good reason.

Read on to find out how you can use them to upgrade your business branding.

Make It Custom: How Custom Promotional Clothes Can Boost Your Company

If you don't have promotional clothes for your business, you are missing out on a powerful marketing opportunity. When it comes to promoting your business it's all about marketing your business the right way.

Promotional clothing is an investment for your business rather than an expense. The clothing carries your brand and your branding message in a casual and organic way. Promotional product options are literally limitless.

Conversation Starters

A well designed promotional product such as a custom hat or T-shirt stimulates people who might ask about the item if its designed well. They could take note and google the company on their own time. Wearing your own branded product at public gatherings will attract people that will ask about the brand or company out of curiosity.

Consider having a catchy tagline or an interesting graphic on your promotional product and a stylized logo. This will make your potential customers remember your brand.

If your item is catchy enough for people to ask about the company on your shirt or item, you can interested parties give a short pitch and business card. This, in turn, will boost your company sales and referrals.

Walking Advertisements

I'm sure you would agree that promotional products are no less than a walking billboard?

It's incredible to have your brand walking in several different places at once vs. only a highway billboard!

When you wear your own item or someone else wears it your brand and company name is out there on the streets. Making your promotional products in your branding colors will have a bigger impact.

Item Options

As mentioned before the choices are limitless when choosing items to put your logo and brand on. It's a smart idea to choose items that people will use and not throw away. Creative T-shirt design is always a great option that most people will wear.

You have the options of hats, socks, sweaters, leggings, or even scarves like the ones on this site.

You can also do a search on what's trending at the moment and find those items to put your logo and brand on. This will ensure a way for people to use your items and organically get the word out about your company.

How to Use Promotional Clothes

You might be wondering what are the best ways for me to use promotional products for my brand?

Here are a few ideas:

Freebies: Who Doesn't Love Them?

Who doesn't love something for free? Providing promotional clothes to customers promotes your brand organically. When they wear your custom shirt or hat not only will they remember you but other people will see your brand.

You can participate in local fairs, conferences, or trade shows where you hand out some freebies to get your name out there. Giving away your branded items is a proven way to reach new people. Having T-shirts at an event attracts people to your booth quicker than a business card or a flier.

Try emailing your mailing list that you are giving away a freebie and have them respond with their mailing address. See how quick they respond! This can do wonders for your branding because they are already subscribed to your mailing list. They will love your brand even more.

Contests & Giveaways

Who doesn't love a fun contest? With social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can set up a virtual contest to give away some fun branded products. The key is to make the contest interesting enough to keep your audience hooked and coming back.

Dress Your Staff In Custom T-Shirts

If you have a staff this is a no brainer. They can wear these on certain days, every day or to events. This is an easy way to have someone that already knows your brand organically advertising it for you.

Sponsor Local Sports

You can check the local baseball, bowling, football, or softball teams in your town and look into sponsoring some of their games or events. Local school sports teams usually need all the sponsoring they can get and will be happy to hear from you.

Potential customers will see that you sponsored local teams and it will offer the opportunity of an instant connection with the community for your brand.

Tips for Creating a Custom T-shirt

  1. Make sure that what you are thinking looks good on a shirt. It might look great on paper but moving over to a shirt might change the whole look and feel.
  2. Pick a good quality fabric that people will want to wear. Using low-quality fabric can do more harm than good to your branding.
  3. Make sure your logo is big enough that it's visible from a distance but not so large it overpowers the entire shirt.
  4. Us appropriate images and graphics that represent your brand well.

Powerful Marketing Technique

Wouldn't you agree that having your own brand promotional clothes is a powerful marketing technique after reading all about how they can boost your company?

This type of marketing proves that not all marketing opportunities are expensive. Promotional products are cost-effective and fun! Looking to make your brand image stand out? Check out some tips in our article with some tips on growing your brand image.

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